Concierge Services

MISSION:  Deliver on-call and personalized concierge services to the discerning executive who has last minute needs that require extraordinary attention to detail


Alex Reidy & Company offers on-call and personalized concierge services to the busy executive who has last minute needs. Our services are designed for those seeking timesaving solutions with the highest of standards.

Our goal is to give back time so leaders can focus on other priorities in their business.  From preparing and editing last minute Board of Director’s presentations, to shadowing and coaching internal staff, allow us to take care of it for you. All services are customized to fit our client’s needs.


  • Prepare and edit Board presentations
  • Shadow and coach internal staff
  • Facilitate important staff meetings
  • Partner with internal staff to achieve quick delivery of objectives
  • Act as confidential sounding board to test new ideas
  • Balance important operational deadlines, while our clients tend to strategic priorities
  • Support clients during peak moments of high volume work
  • Share expert advice in the areas of organization and senior team effectiveness, leadership and strategy, change and transformation, and talent management
  • Just-in-time executive coaching

Busy lifestyles require helpful accommodations. Find out more by completing our contact form to receive additional information regarding our value-added services.