Value Delivered by Alex Reidy & Company

We offer solutions to today’s toughest business challenges — transformation, accelerated growth, and sustained competitive advantage.

Clients choose Alex Reidy & Company because we have walked in their shoes and we understand the challenges they face. With more than two decades of global industry experience, we bring expertise in organization and senior team effectiveness, talent management, and change and transformation to solve some of the most complex issues facing businesses today.

Headquartered in Chicago, we deliver unparalleled results to both domestic and international clients.


Alex Reidy & Company works collaboratively with CEOs and senior teams to safeguard and develop business-critical capabilities, mitigate risks associated with growth, and dramatically improve workforce productivity and performance.

Our experience crosses multiple industries in various growth stages, encountering disruptive contexts such as large-scale integrations, business and functional transformations, and successful culture change.


Clients trust us for our ability to transform complex business issues into practical solutions.  We do the heavy lifting behind the scenes, so our clients can enjoy clarity, utility, agility, and improved shareholder returns.

Our approach and methodologies are efficient and practical, yet grounded in contemporary research, and empirically validated within multiple industries.  We translate what works, what doesn’t, and why.


We collaborate with our clients to achieve strategy and return the largest competitive advantage for resources expended. In a world where the only certainty is the increasing pace of change, senior leaders must constantly evaluate their organizational delivery system (strategy, governance, leaders, talent, processes and culture) to ensure strategic fit. We help our clients choose the design specifications that are necessary to reach their vision, and guide them to successfully transition their organization to achieve their objectives.


Our approach and technologies favor the effectiveness of the senior team and the leaders who are the meaning-makers to the organization — those accountable for delivering results, maximizing engagement and commitment, and capturing value from change.  We support leaders to deliver business outcomes with predictability and precision.

Our vision is to provide superior, no-nonsense solutions that elevate leaders to lead with confidence.