“Sherry Duda has helped companies transform for decades and it has been my pleasure and benefit to have spanned most of that time working with her. The first work we did together was worth a fortune to Amoco and BP. She helped align our executive business teams on our strategic direction, and she ensured that we were focused to deliver the capabilities needed for growth. She went on to lead the BP Amoco merger, and continued her transformation work to spin off BP’s $15 billion Olefins and Derivatives business.

Most recently, Sherry assisted my Chief Management Officer and I to assess the human capital and talent needs for Tri-Arrow Aluminum’s growth. Sherry’s expertise – applied to a different industry than years before, but with same level of expertise, insight and experience that helped inform the critical decisions we needed to make with regard to talent.

With Alex Reidy & Company, you can trust decades of hands-on experience and insight — pragmatic, precise…mission accomplished.”

Pat Franc
CEO and President, Tri-Arrows Aluminum

“Somehow Sherry and her team have been able to figure out the formula for turning an environment full of disruptive change into a place where people want to work.”

Rob Nevin
CEO, Ineos

“Unlike many consultants, Sherry talks from a deeply informed perspective. She has lived and led mergers, acquisitions, divestments, and culture change from the inside. This has given her the rare capacity to anticipate problems and address them before they become issues.”

Professor Dorothy Griffiths
Deputy Dean, Imperial College Business School, London

“Sherry’s work with our executive team has delivered significant results. Even in the most difficult business conditions, Sherry sees through problems and barriers and creates energy around new possibilities.”

Graham Atkinson
former EVP and President, Mileage Plus, United Airlines

“Sherry is a pioneer in the field of global Talent Management. Our real-time performance management system allowed us to drive business performance ultimately tripling our EBITDA.” “Sherry brings ideas to life, and builds instant credibility because of it.”

Robert May
CEO Premier Polymers

“If you want a candid view of your operation based on experience, knowledge and first rate intuition, then Sherry will deliver… She has the experience and the credibility that have meant breakthrough results for us.”

RH Mark Yates
Former VP Human Resources, BP

“Sherry and her team were instrumental in supporting the executive team to develop and implement a contemporary data-driven succession management process, along with a robust leadership competency model that allowed for rigorous talent assessments.”

Anthony Sanders
SVP, Human Resources , EZCorp Financial Services