Transformation Results in Increased IT Capability and a $.5 Billion Cost Reduction


Two major energy companies merged, combining their worldwide operations into a single organization.  The CIO was hired to integrate the two organizations and develop a deeply digital business, with the goal that 95 percent of global transactions would occur electronically.  The challenge for the CIO was to outsource talent while maintaining the capability to operate the global business efficiently.


Our plan included three major levers:  identify mission-critical roles, “hot” skills, and high potential talent; conduct due diligence with two outsourcing vendors; and develop a compelling change management, engagement, and strategic communications plan to retain key talent at both the chosen vendor site as well as the company.


Successfully retained and transferred 94 percent of key talent to the chosen outsourcing vendor and retained 98 percent of high-potential talent with critical skills.  Overall spending was reduced from $1.5 billion to $1 billion within a year.

This success is attributed to the extensive feedback governance, which captured insights from vendor interviews, talent assessments, and key leader input.  This data contributed to a powerful marketing campaign, which was pivotal to retaining top talent.