Senior Team Improves Focus and Produces a Dramatic Cost Savings


A division leader at a recently merged company was facing considerable misalignment from his newly formed leadership team. While the senior team seemed to function well together, they had divergent views of the path forward.

This leader wished to increase the strategic focus of the business by understanding the critical priorities needed to support the strategic plan. His objectives were to clarify direction, reduce costs, simplify processes, strengthen performance management, and improve responsiveness to customers. Ultimately, he wanted a highly functional team that would work together to close gaps to the aligned vision and invest in differentiating capabilities.


Guided by our organizational alignment work across several companies, the leadership team actively participated in three global meetings. The first meeting served to develop a collective vision for the business and define strategic areas of emphasis. This resulted in increasing the senior team understanding of the organization capabilities needed to reach its collective vision. The second meeting defined, with granularity, collective views on the vision elements, strengths, and gaps. With this clarity, the team was ready to move into action and commit to a transition plan, which was the focus of the third meeting.


From this comprehensive assessment, the senior team agreed to develop and invest in three capabilities critical to the success of the business. These capabilities were validated with extended leadership members and customers. As a result, the senior team was able to serve its customers more efficiently and deliver a cost savings of half a billion dollars back to the business.