Impact Studies

A Fit-For-Purpose Succession Strategy Mitigates Operational Risks

A major Fortune 100 company, operating within a turbulent business environment, experienced rotating CEOs and numerous reduction-in-force events. As a result, the new CEO as well as the senior team were concerned with operational risks associated with potential leadership departures. Engagement scores were significantly lower than benchmark, and the retirement age of its population indicated that many leaders were eligible for retirement…   Learn more

Integrated Talent Strategy Drives Growth and Dramatic Returns

A consumer products company had enormous success driving core brand growth. Their strategy was shifting to include growth in emerging markets, but they were pursuing it in a disciplined fashion. The company recognized that a talent strategy was needed to anticipate and plan for this growth…   Learn more

Transformation Results in Increased IT Capability and a $.5 Billion Cost Reduction

Two major energy companies merged, combining their worldwide operations into a single organization. The CIO was hired to integrate the two organizations and develop a deeply digital business, with the goal that 95 percent of global transactions would occur electronically…   Learn more

Transforming Culture Triples EBITDA for a Petrochemicals Business

A major energy company announced its intention to divest the majority of its global petrochemical assets worth more than $20 billion. The preferred vehicle for an offering to the capital markets was via an initial public offering (IPO). The new stand-alone company would include more than 8,000 employees worldwide at 30 office and manufacturing sites: 3 in Asia, 13 in Europe, and 14 in North America…   Learn more

Big Returns from a Low-Budget Approach to Attracting and Developing Talent

Due to financial constraints, a major Fortune 100 company lost or severely strained relationships with leading universities due to its revolving commitment to MBA and college recruitment. Operational and functional divisions had been recruiting their own MBAs, which contributed to the external perception of being “highly uncoordinated.” Our client successfully recovered from financial difficulties, but MBA talent still viewed them as a risky career proposition…   Learn more

Senior Team Improves Focus and Produces a Dramatic Cost Savings

A division leader at a recently merged company was facing considerable misalignment from his newly formed leadership team. While the senior team seemed to function well together, they had divergent views of the path forward…   Learn more