Change Strategy

Agile organizations lead by developing anticipated capabilities, and by advancing temporary advantages.  They can quickly add, modify, and delete elements of their portfolio with speed and elegance.  Our change experts help our clients develop an agile and proactive response to change, while capturing value from change and transformation initiatives efficiently and effectively.

We offer a repeatable process to improve financial and operational delivery during change and transformation.  Leveraged Delivery™ is a structured change strategy that mobilizes teams to quickly achieve tangible results, by sequencing levers that transition the workforce from acceptance to commitment.  Because each change project (within the portfolio) is implemented within 90-day segments or less, our clients are able to strengthen accountability, maintain focus, innovate, and learn and adjust as they go.

Leveraged Delivery™ capitalizes on the top five factors correlated with successful change endeavors:  senior team sponsorship, dedicated change resources, communications, leadership support, and managing resistance to change as well as unique levers that maximize engagement, commitment, and results.


  • Maintains focus on financial and operational delivery
  • Aligns senior team to change vision, objectives, sponsorship and risk
  • Systematically highlights and mitigates risk and resistance as part of the culture
  • Achieves congruence with the organizational delivery system for strategic fit
  • Highlights accountability through successive, short-term transition plans and frequent periodic assessments of goals and metrics
  • Sequences unique change levers to maximize the speed of change through elevated engagement and commitment
  • Supports leaders to successfully change

Our change experts start with our clients’ change vision, and support them to develop a unique change roadmap that drives sustainable change, with precision and predictability.